James McQuillan - President
Jim served as a Chief Technologist for more than 35 years and is responsible for the successful deployment of health care systems throughout the United States. He began his career as an application developer in 1984 and moved into the the healthcare industry in 1985 when he took the position of Manager of Systems Development at Medical Software Solutions. While at MSS, he designed a comprehensive practice management system that is still in use today. Continuing in the healthcare industry, he reunited with Kim Derum to begin building a new team to harness the latest technology and methodologies to create the Avairis Practice Management System.

In addition to Jim's work in the healthcare industry, he is also an accomplished Open Source developer and very involved in the local and global Open Source community. He founded the Linux Terminal Server Project (www.LTSP.org) which is in use all over the world, providing low-cost Linux based thin client solutions. Jim is also the president of the Michigan Unix User Group (www.MUG.org).

Kimberly Derum - Vice president
Kim has 30+ years experience working with medical billing vendors, billing companies, and clearing houses. She brings with her a solid background in systems implementation, problem resolution, customer service, and training which has enabled her to acquire a wide array of knowledge as well as an exceptional understanding of clients and their needs. Kim has an extremely high commitment to customer satisfaction
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